Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm waiting for my cousin and his wife to get here. They drove over from Texas to visit his mom in Florida. Now, they're driving to Georgia to see our grandmother. I hate waiting. This is not my favorite cousin. Um. I guess I don't have any favorite cousins...well, maybe some of Mark's! My cousin and I are not close. He just seems like a jerk so much of time and I have NOTHING at all in common with him. He is, I'm sure, a nice enough person, but *eh*

Thankfully, Kerry is going to be here so he will be able to go with me.

I'm getting pretty bummed about summer being almost over. I have to go back to work next Thursday. One week and one day. Bummmmmmmmmmer! I am excited about my schedule. I have mostly college prep American and British Lit. This is a change for me. I usually have inclusion students for almost all of my classes. I have one inclusion class the first semester in American Lit. I'm hoping that I get to work with Matt again. He is an awesome co-teacher!

I still need to go shopping for back to school "stuff". I hope I can get Mark to help me put together the two new bookcases I need. I guess I should get crackin' on some more lesson plans too.

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