Sunday, July 11, 2010


We spent a better part of the evening on Friday night in the emergency room. Mark came home from work and didn't feel too hot. Around 6PM, he was in terrible pain. By 7PM, he was in the bathroom in pain and throwing up. Off to the ER we go. Mark never complains about pain, so I knew it was bad.

After 5 hours in the emergency room and a CT Scan, Mark found out he has a kidney stone. OUCH! It is a smaller one, but still. As the doctor said, it is like putting a sandbur in a straw. *shudder* We didn't get in until 1:30AM. Suprisingly, the puppies let us sleep until 10AM. I guess they were tired too. Kerry (my brother who lives with us) had come home, woken them up, fed and walked them after 11:30PM.

I've been working on my closet, yes, still! I have almost finished it. Almost. It is such a chore, but I know that once I get everything cleaned out and organized I will be so much happier. I know that it will be worth it when school starts. I have, at least, two more garbage bags full of clothes for Goodwill. I swear our local Goodwill will now have a plus size section...ha!

I'm off to finish (who am I kidding) some laundry and unload the dishwasher. Side note: We live in my grandmother's house. She installed the dishwashwer when I was 1 or 2 years old. We are using a 37 or 38 year old dishwasher. Wild!

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