Friday, July 16, 2010

Joy Luck Club bracelet

JLC bracelet, originally uploaded by danaelayne.

This is the bracelet that I made. I need somewhere to take better pictures. I probably need to charge up the batteries on my regular camera.

This bracelet has Orient Express charms from Michael's. I added some other beads and some silvertone dragon charms.

I can't wait to wear this when we read the book :)


  1. Your braclet looks great, I love those braclets, i have a coulple of them but I bought them, probably should try to make my own.

  2. Oh, here you are! I spotted you on Heidi's blog. :) I sent you a message on dland to tell you that I'm blogging again, but since your diary was gone I wasn't sure you got it. I'm astralounge. (Don't want to post the link to the new blog here since it's not anon, but check your dland notes if you still can!) :)

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  4. Well, I found you BUT all I'm getting is a white page. Booo! I'll keep checking back :)