Sunday, October 17, 2010 sick...

I have been so sick. Oh my gosh, I missed two days of school. Plus, I missed my fourth period last week. I've had two sinus infections. Joy. I was on one round of antibiotics before I left for Atlanta. I'm on my second round now. Plus, I have "the magic" cough syrup.

I went to Atlanta to work on GHSGT stuff. I spent three days looking at test questions and data. It was interesting. I always like to see what is on the test. Of course, I can't tell anyone. Daggumit! :)

Becky went with me. She just took three personal days and crashed. She needed some days off from her own teenagers. She's got 90 a day and 2 at home. I would looooooooose my mind! We had another teacher, Kelly, who went with us as well. She teaches math so she was looking at all the math test data.

We all went shopping. YAY. I love shopping in Atlanta. There is so much more to select from up there. I found a bunch of sale stuff at Macy's that I made mine. I didn't find a whole bunch of fall stuff though. Hmmm :/ I'm just finding too much that I like. Finding pants was IMPOSSIBLE. Every single petite I tried on was WAY too long. I guess I'm stuck with Lee pants...period. They are the only ones I do not have to hem...ever. I got some beautiful flower pins from H&M. I got some Crocs boots.

I've had a fairly lazy weekend. I did some laundry yesterday and today. I need to grade some papers and make dinner, but I don't see the paper grading thing happening. Er.

I made a huge pot of crockpot chili yesterday. It was SO good. I had a serving. Mark and Kerry ate all the rest of it. Gracious, I can't believe it is already gone. Ha.

I need to make something for supper...I guess I should get on that.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good bye horrible week....

Last week was the most horrible week I have had in some years...Let's recap shall we...
Monday...I work afterschool in a remediation program. Someone in that program decided it was a good idea to steal my Blackberry. Steal. UGH! Mark and I drove to Valdosta got everything switched over. About 10:30PM, the night janitor at my school called. Apparently whoever had taken the phone didn't want to get caught with it. They threw it down in the common area. (Well, at least Mark got a new blackberry).

Tuesday...I had someone (UNANNOUNCED) observe my class all day. OMG. I was so stressed out and tired. My students acted like animals! ANIMALS!

Wednesday...I'm sitting at my desk. My students are debriefing and attempting to chillllll from the writing test when a young woman comes in at ask if another student can work on a door decoration for homecoming (yeah...Homecoming on the SAME week as our state mandated writing test....awesome!). I said no because we were busy. The child looked at me...turned around...and said "F**k you". What?!? First, I don't even know this child...she isn't one of my students. Second, are you kidding me?!? I tracked her down and got her written up. She jumped all over our academic coach and the assistant principal as well. of my seniors got very upset because he is frustrated because he is not doing well. He slammed his book shut (DURING AN OPEN BOOK TEST) and said that he was not "taking this s**t any more" and got up and walked out. Good gosh! We had a major blowout in the office. The principal made him cry. I was in tears because this is usually a good kid. We got it all straightened out, but good grief!

Friday...pep rally day. Let me just say that if _I_ were in charge the juniors would never get to go to another pep rally, assembly, etc. ever. Rude, rude, rude. There were a couple of us who got pelted with peanut M&Ms. Lovely.

I am so very much hating school this semster. I keep telling myself that I only have about 10 more weeks with these...ahem, darlings. It HAS to get better second semester....has to!