Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lesson Plans...

I'm working on lesson plans for the coming school year. I know that I have so much to do and such a short time to get it accomplished. I need to make a list! This is what I would like to do before I go back to school on August 5th.

*Finish cleaning bedroom
*Straighten sunroom and living room
*Get watch batteries changed
*Deep clean kitchen (pantry and fridge)
*Complete two or three more bracelets for back to school wear
*Complete first two units of lesson plans for American Lit and British Lit

I guess I should go get started... :)


  1. I swung by after reading your comment to thank you for commenting, and tell you I have another recipe I'm posting I tried out...and about ten more 'dog treats' in the work...I might need help. Then I saw this post...and I remembered I was a teacher too, and this is my life plan for the next month, so now I'm just here feeling a little depressed because summer is almost over. ;o) Good luck, hope you get all your projects finished before you have to head back in!

  2. I need to start my list too! I school starts Aug 16th! I have a new curriculum for next year and I thought I would spend the summer going over it - hasn't happened yet. Better get into gear!