Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Best Thing About Going Back to School...

is shopping! I'm making a list. I have stuff that I MUST have for my classroom like pencils, pens, and a new bookcase. I went to Teacher Harvest in July and got some stuff. I always need more for my classroom though. I know that I need markers as well. The bookcase is a must have. Last year one of my bookcases got broken by the custodial staff, and I went through the year without it. Bad idea. Every time I needed something that SHOULD have been on the bookcase, I had to go looking for it. Since we're getting new textbooks this year, I know that I will have new materials and new units that I will need to use. So, new bookcase or bookcases it is.

I need some new make-up as well. I probably want to add some new shoes and a couple of dresses or skirts for next school year. Of course, I'll need some new Hello Kitty notebooks as well. I also do atendance and record keeping in a Hello Kitty notebook. It is an easy way for a sub to find it (yeah, that's the excuse I'll use)!

Mark has gone to work again. Bah! It will be a LONG afternoon. Ho hum. At least he has tomorrow and Tuesday off.

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  1. The start of the year is always full of shopping and I always need this or that for my classroom. I should make a list!

    New shoes are a must too!! And dresses - one can never have too many pretty and well fitting dresses!!