Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'd say I'm fighting a headache, but really it is kicking my butt. Hard.

Mark is on his way home from work, and he is bringing me some Excedrin. Alleve hasn't helped. A huge diet Coke hasn't helped. I attempted to take a nap, but thunder started rolling in and the dogs went insane. Silly doggies!

I woke up with this same stupid headache. I am so over it already. I was supposed to take Kerry to work today, but I just let him talk my car. I know Mark won't be thrilled with that, but oh well. I could barely handle opening my left eye in the sunlight much less driving him to Valdosta AND going to pick him up again around 11PM. No way.

I put ice in the puppies water bowl. I can hear Lucy bobbing for ice. She pulls it out and 'chases' it around the living room. Ha!

I'm going to go watch Law and Order in a dark room and see if it helps.

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