Thursday, July 15, 2010


I woke up feeling perfectly fine today. YEAH! No headache. Mark brought home some Excedrin migraine yesterday afternoon. It helped. It is always the last ditch effort before my major migraine medicine. I hate taking the migraine medicine though...I always feel so loopy.

This morning I've done dishes, filled Max's tank (Max is our red-eared slider turtle), and not a whole lot else. I need to get a move on. I can't believe how quickly summer is slipping away. Of course, I am not getting any sympathy from Mark or Kerry. Boo hiss to them. ;)

My silly dogs have been running and playing for about 30 minutes now. Up and down the rooms, rolling all over the floors, tugging at toys. Now, they are crashed out in the sunroom under the ceiling fan. Bums! :) I'm going to totally miss these lazy days when school starts back.

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  1. I feel your pain about the migraines, they're no fun! I'm glad to know Mary Called Magdalene is good--I almost bought that one instead of Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. I'll have to read that next. Margaret George is such a great writer! Have you read Cleopatra? You should; it's wonderful!