Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scheduling Issues...

Mark has to work until 11PM every night for the next month. I think he has Mondays and Tuesdays off. Bah! He's here in the mornings/early afternoon until 1:30 and then, I don't see him again for almost 12 hours. I hate his 45+ minute commute. I can admit it...I miss my husband when he's gone.

I haven't done a whole lot today. I did some laundry. I talked to my mom on the phone. Apparently, things are not going well for my youngest brother and his wife. I've only heard the story second-hand from my mom, but seriously, my brother better get his act together. He's got a kid, and well, it is time to grow up. Mark and I recently paid part of his tuition last semester. He lied to his wife about that. He lied to my parents about that. Good grief!

My husband is a saint...well, a very bad saint, but a saint nonetheless. He moved here from SLC where he had a great job with the air force. He moved here to be with me because I lived with my grandmother, at the time. She has Parkinson's Disease, and I've been living with her/taking care of her since I was 18. He let my middle brother move in with us and he puts up with my crazy dog (that I _HAD_ to have) when he only wanted one dog. I need to give him a big hug when he comes home.

Boris and Lucy have crashed out on the floor. I need to feed them soon so that they will be fed and walked before Mark gets home. It would be much to late to feed them at 12. Lucy has been kind of a heifer for the past two days. She is barking like crazy sometimes. I have NO idea why. Brat! Boris just looks at her as if to say..."shhhhhut uuuuuup!"

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  1. I have a brother like that. They will never stop until you show some tough love, it is hard.