Friday, July 16, 2010


I feel crafty today. I think it is time to break out the beads and make some bracelets for Fall/School. I have a couple of ideas that were rolling around in my head last night. I hope I have all the beads (who am I kidding) that I need to make them.

I know that one of the bracelets I make today will be my "Joy Luck Club" bracelet. I make my college prep juniors read that book each year. I got a couple of dragon charms and other Oriental charms to put on there. I am excited about that one. When I'm building the beads for a bracelet, I put all of the beads I think that I will need in a snack size ziploc bag. I can't keep them together otherwise. I do need some more storage for my beads. Heck, I need more storage for all of my hobbies!

I'm going to go get my craft on :)


  1. Hey there! I wanted to thank you for following my blogs! Your bracelet looks really cute! I noticed that you needed some storage for your crafty items so I thought I would pass one along that is nearly free and good for the enviornment. Save all the jars you get when you cook, like pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, etc.. Wash them and remove the labels and then paint the lids whatever color you like. They are great for storing all sorts of things :) And baby food jars are great for beads (also dried beef comes in the cutest little jars with stars on them and they are perfect for beads).. :) I hope this helps you a bit in your quest to organize your crafty goodness.. And again, welcome to my blogs, and feel free to message me anytime!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a good idea! We have pasta sauce jars all the time!