Sunday, October 17, 2010 sick...

I have been so sick. Oh my gosh, I missed two days of school. Plus, I missed my fourth period last week. I've had two sinus infections. Joy. I was on one round of antibiotics before I left for Atlanta. I'm on my second round now. Plus, I have "the magic" cough syrup.

I went to Atlanta to work on GHSGT stuff. I spent three days looking at test questions and data. It was interesting. I always like to see what is on the test. Of course, I can't tell anyone. Daggumit! :)

Becky went with me. She just took three personal days and crashed. She needed some days off from her own teenagers. She's got 90 a day and 2 at home. I would looooooooose my mind! We had another teacher, Kelly, who went with us as well. She teaches math so she was looking at all the math test data.

We all went shopping. YAY. I love shopping in Atlanta. There is so much more to select from up there. I found a bunch of sale stuff at Macy's that I made mine. I didn't find a whole bunch of fall stuff though. Hmmm :/ I'm just finding too much that I like. Finding pants was IMPOSSIBLE. Every single petite I tried on was WAY too long. I guess I'm stuck with Lee pants...period. They are the only ones I do not have to hem...ever. I got some beautiful flower pins from H&M. I got some Crocs boots.

I've had a fairly lazy weekend. I did some laundry yesterday and today. I need to grade some papers and make dinner, but I don't see the paper grading thing happening. Er.

I made a huge pot of crockpot chili yesterday. It was SO good. I had a serving. Mark and Kerry ate all the rest of it. Gracious, I can't believe it is already gone. Ha.

I need to make something for supper...I guess I should get on that.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon,at least there is a long weekend to recover!