Monday, January 3, 2011

One more day...

School starts on Wednesday. I can't say that I am ready to go back. I'm not. I enjoy staying home and being slothful. I enjoy cooking more when I don't have to come home and rush to get everything cooked and on the table before midnight. I enjoy snuggling down with a good book whenever I want. I guess I can deal with 90 more school days. I certainly hope that spring semester is much better than fall was. I am not one to be overly grouchy or "srunch-y faced" all the time, but my classes last semester did that to me. Even with my worst classes I could usually find at least one class of the three that I liked...not last semester.

In other random news, I'm going to miss gingerbread Pop Tarts. Sad, I know!

Mark has gone back to 4-day weeks. It means he won't get home until about 6:30 tonight which stinks. I really do miss my husband when he's not around. There isn't anyone I'd rather spend my time with, really.

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  1. I start school again tomorrow and I'm not ready either! (Although I'm going back as a student.) I hope you have luck with your classes, and have some great students this semester!