Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lazy Summer Days...

I went to eat lunch yesterday with Becky, one of my bestest friends. She is down in Valdosta at an AP workshop so I drove down there to meet her. We had lunch at Longhorn's...yum, cow! Since Mark is a vegetarian, most of our meals are vegetarian based. Whenever I go out, I tend to eat meat.

I've been working on lesson plans for next year. I've written the units for American and British Literature. I've cross-referenced most of the GPS. I just need to write the study sheets for each selection. There are a TON of new materials coming with our new books. I am uber excited. Wheee!

I really need to get to cleaning the house, a task I hate. I would like it to look better before I go back to school. It tends to become a pit during the school year because I simply do not have time to do it all. I would rather spend time with my husband than worry about whether or not the dishwasher has been unloaded! I know...blasphemy! The project that I really need to tackle is my closet. Oh my gosh, it is a total disaster. There is no other way to describe it. I have too many clothes and not enough space. I need to weed, weed, weed. I guess I should get up and go get that done.

I'm working on my British book reading challenge. I just finished a book by Karen Harper (not British), but I'm currently reading one by Jean Plaidy. I adore her books!

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