Saturday, February 12, 2011

The school year...

The first part of the school year was terrible. I was, for the first time in many years, thinking about putting out applications for other jobs...other schools. I was SICK of the students I had. I was sick of the apathy. I was sick of the rude, rude children. By the end of the semester, I was just counting the days until holiday vacation. I'm glad that I stuck it out. I have great classes this time. Apparently, I just needed to get to Spring semester. Now, I'm sure that by May I will be ready for a new crew of students, but so far I've really enjoyed my classes. They have the cutest personalities! Seriously!

I have SO much homework keeping up with them though. They are a smart group, and I have to be on my toes! :)

Today has been a super lazy day. I've loaded the dishwasher today. Yeah, that's about it. I've watched a lot of Law and Order as well. Other than that....nada. I need to do laundry (which I'm sure I'll get to), and I need to get groceries.

I have a HUGE bruise on my right forearm. OUCH! I fell when I was taking out the garbage. Yeah, I'm a klutz. :|

Valentine's Day is Monday. I'm excited about the stuff I got Mark. I hope that he likes it.

I got the students Mad Lib Valentine pencils and Laffy Taffy....they better love me ;)

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