Sunday, April 25, 2010


It is pouring here today. Rain, rain, rain all day. Mark is at work...grouchy and wet. I'm fairly sure that grouchy mood will come home with him. I always tease him that he is going to be a fabulous grouchy old man :)

I'm still doing laundry. I swear it must multiply in the hamper, because there is no way that all of those clothes are ours. I mean...they look familiar, but really! I need to vacuum. Having two dogs in the house makes that important (along with Febreeze).

I am totally unmotivated to do anything though. I have some things that I MUST complete today: see Nana, do laundry, put up clothes.

I need to pick out what I'm going to wear next week. I can't believe we only have four more weeks of school left. How did that happen? Of course, that means that I have about a week and a half to get the classes ready for the End of Course test in American Lit. YIKES! I also have senior research papers to grade. Oh joy!

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